Marin Bikes

Brand Identity

This project is a branding concept for Marin Bikes, a company with a rich history in the world of mountain biking.

In alignment with Marin's "Made For Fun" brand ethos and the objective of streamlining their existing identity, I designed a contemporary brand image while drawing inspiration from the brand's historical roots. As a demonstration of both my skills and commitment to embodying the brand ethos, I conducted a photoshoot featuring my friends wearing T-shirts I personally screen printed with the refreshed logotype. To showcase the impact of the updated branding, I developed a mobile site that reinterprets some of Marin's existing content in a visually compelling and innovative manner.

• Branding
• Art Direction
• Logo Design
• Photography

PSU Art + Social Practice Conversations Series
148.5 x 210 mm, 160–250p

A series of graduate publications detailing collected conversations over a three-year span.

These books were designed as a template to be used by future Art + Social Practice students. As the lead on this project, my team and I were tasked with the creation of a design that was respectful, accessible, and timeless. We collaborated heavily with five MFA students over the course of nine months.

• Cover Design
• Publication Design
• Project Management
• Art Direction

Tilaa Magazine

203 x 267 mm, 19p

Tilaa Magazine is a publication that focuses on spaces, art, and architecture in the Pacific Northwest.

This issue of Tilaa focuses on the Mt. Angel Abbey Library designed by world-famous architect and furniture designer Alvar Aalto. I let Aalto’s modern and international style of architecture drive my design decisions throughout the magazine.

• Editorial Design
• Digital Photography 


260 x 180 mm, 71p

Sunwest is a research project on how designers can use the core principles of graphic design for film to visualize personal narratives.

Visualized here is one man’s experience of buying a pickup truck from Sunwest Toyota in 1979. This project features 12 graphic props and film photographs. The props were photographed in sets curated to represent the time period and context of Cecil’s story.

• Set Design
• Film Photography
• Publication Design
• Graphic Design for Film & T.V.


140 x 216 mm, 27p

A conversation in response to the relationship of permanence in traditional art and the impermanence of art in nature.

This printed curation of earthworks explores the connection between permanence and temporality; highlighting underlying themes of attachment and re-purpose. The content within these pages is only available for about a day before fading away and transforming into a blank notebook.

• Publication Design